Why is SEO copywriting different from traditional copywriting.?


Content writing has many roles. She persuades, informs, ignites and entertains. However, not all writing can fit the same end, especially in today’s digital world. SEO content writing and traditional content writing require different skills in demand in the modern world, although they use the same weapon: words. In this article, you will discover the major difference between SEO writing and classic writing.

They have different roles

SEO copywriting is primarily focused on marketing to potential leads. How do you reach customers? You use concise, informative and compelling content. You insert keywords and metadata to improve your Google or other search engine ranking. You also use all facets of digital advertising to achieve a marketing objective.

Classic content writing is created for different reasons. Classic writers capture the art of writing. Creative writing isn’t just about descriptions and pictures, and it doesn’t always have a purpose other than entertainment.

Use of different words

When writers don’t know how to use synonyms, their writing is dull. But the SEO copywriter will be able to use interchangeable words. The writer should know how to limit the number of times he uses certain words.

Indeed, a classic writing offers words and phrases in accordance with the author’s thoughts and does not in any way care about the preferences of search engine algorithms. While in SEO writing, it is synonyms and semantics that are important. In conclusion, the words used are very different.

Different point of view

Part of the appeal of creative writing is sharing your own thoughts and opinions. If you have a strong opinion on a controversial topic and want the world to know about it, you can write a few posts to share your opinion.

When you are writing a technical article intended to drive traffic to a certain site, your dislike for that topic should be excluded from your work. SEO content writers should almost always avoid writing negative content. It is therefore important that you can set aside personal biases.

Different Skills in SEO Content Writing

If you are writing specifically for a client’s website or blog, you will need to deliberately take the perspective of the client you are writing for. The ability to mimic a tone, voice, and use verbiage and vocabulary that the business would use is crucial to creating a cohesive brand message.

Research is also needed to understand the products, target consumers, and even competitors of the client you are writing for. Writing SEO content requires a lot of research into the topic and the writing style to use.

Specific and unique style

Many factors play into the style of an SEO article. Every company wants a different job. So you need to know what is acceptable in terms of format and wording. You might like to use italics to underline words, or maybe you think a numbered list is the best way to achieve the following goals: skill and SEO. Unfortunately, these elements should be avoided in some articles. You may need to use your creative skills to find another way to get your point across. But you will have to respect your client’s brief.

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