Can field service software with equipment management and auditing capabilities improve your business productivity.?


You will find many field service software if you search the web, but the ones that suit your needs are only beneficial. If you are a business that needs to install and manage heavy equipment like the cleaning industry, transportation industry, and construction industry, the main concern is the maintenance of such equipment.

Proper maintenance of equipment used on construction sites is absolutely necessary to continue operations without interruption of your business and avoid any downtime. The detection of sudden problems in equipment on the job site leads to unforeseen repair costs and customer dissatisfaction.

There is a saying “A stitch in time saves nine” which is perfectly suited to the maintenance of such heavy equipment. A proper audit of this equipment will prevent you from sudden breakdowns of these heavy equipment on a construction site and will help you to repair them beforehand at little cost.

Note that if the equipment fails in the USA, it could cause serious damage to the workers and create a negative impact on the company’s prestige. Por tanto, el maintenance de estos equipos pesados ​​es muy important.

Every item that we use in our daily lives requires proper maintenance. With proper maintenance, we can extend the life of any item or equipment. For equipment installed at the customer’s premises, a periodic audit and then maintenance are necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment. You can serve your customers better if you have maintained your equipment well and can count on it when needed.

Eye On Task is one such field service software that has equipment management and auditing features. You can easily add equipment, link this equipment to a job in a contract, create an audit for this equipment and assign these audits to the respective auditor/technician.

A technician/auditor/field agent on the mobile app gets their assigned audit details regarding the equipment and they can proceed with the audit with those details. The barcode scanner on the mobile application allows the technician to do mass audits if the number of equipment is greater.

Once the audits have been completed, the technician can provide his audit report to the back office manager with proof of inspection and the electronic signature of the customer for whom the audit was carried out.

Finally, according to the equipment audit reports, actions can be taken for the maintenance of the equipment. Through the audit reports, we can also get an idea of ​​how long we need to keep the audit interval of the equipments so that they can be well maintained and the service repair costs can be reduced.

An uninterrupted workflow without any equipment failure leads to customer satisfaction, increased productivity and safe technicians in the field. So try to use our EyeOnTask field service software and explore all of its features as it comes with a 15-day free trial. Sign up now for a free trial of EyeOnTask .

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