AccessiBe Discusses Why Should Web Accessibility be a Focus of Businesses


By making digital content accessible, a company can reach out to more customers, boost their customer satisfaction level, as well as gain a competitive edge over the online platforms that do not include accessibility features. There is a good chance that a business is losing many online users to competitors simply because their site is more accessible.  A number of web accessibility companies like AccessiBe have been established across the world over the years that help businesses of diverse types and sizes to develop accessible websites and apps.

Focus of Businesses

Proactively getting ahead of issues caused by inaccessible technology, tools and systems shall pay dividends down the road in ways that a business owner might have never even considered. Accessible design thinking offers several ways for online users to interact with websites and apps, and tends to have multiple options that are useful for people with and without disabilities. Accessible design is quite flexible in nature, thereby enabling content to render effectively across an expansive spectrum of platform, devices, operating systems, and assistive technologies.

When it comes to the physical environment of a business, just about everyone takes advantage of ramps, automatic doors, lowered curbs, and other features installed for disability access. Such features make it easier to push a shopping cart in and out of the store, walk around with a stroller, move around with multiple bags in the hands, and so on. In a similar manner, accessibility features online can benefit everyone. One compelling example of technology is from the early 2000s when mobile devices emerged as a key means to browse the web. In most of the cases, accessible and standards-compliant websites were more mobile-ready as they didn’t depend on mouse input. This mobile heavy revelation ultimately led to responsive-design trend that has accessibility at its core.

Incorporating accessibility at the start of the website redesign or redevelopment process is considerably simpler and less expensive in comparison to making improvements to an existing site as a separate project later on. AccessiBe is a company that helps its clients to design and develop accessible websites in an affordable manner.  This Israeli technology company was founded in 2018, and has emerged as an industry leader in the domain of web accessibility over the years.

The reputation of a brand would also invariably improve by having an accessible website. A clear commitment toward accessibility can competently demonstrate that a business has a genuine sense of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. Potential outcomes for CSR initiatives can include improved brand reputation and image, better customer loyalty and sales, greater workforce diversity, and a lot more.

Talking about brand reputation and cost savings, web accessibility litigation has been on an upward trend in the last few years. A lot of public-facing consumer organizations have made negative headlines due to it, and there are no signs of slowing on this topic. Web accessibility shall ensure compliance with anti-discrimination laws, and allow a business to steer clear of any associated litigious concerns.

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